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Corine McHugh Conservation specializes in the treatment and preservation of works of art on paper, archival materials, wallpaper, and photographs.  We service museums, galleries, artists, collectors, libraries, archives, and individuals throughout the US.   Onsite consultations within the greater Philadelphia area are at no cost and no obligation.  Minor treatments, such as mending a small tear or hinge removal, can often be done onsite. 


Beyond Philadelphia, we visit our clients and pick up artwork from as far as Richmond, VA to New York City.  We also accept artwork via fine art transport or FedEx.




19th c. photographs

Cased photographs

20th c. photographs




Getting Started

Initial consultations can be by phone, email, or in-person. After discussing the artwork, condition issues, and plans for exhibition or storage, the next step is for the conservator to fully examine the object. This step involves writing a formal condition report of the object, and outlining a treatment proposal and treatment cost. Typically it is best if the conservator can examine the artwork at the studio, however occassionally artwork can be examined onsite and a report and proposal drafted at the consultation. 


Condition report proposal - $90, waived if treatment moves forward

Hourly rate - $120 / hr, billed in quarter hour increments.

Full day rate, onsite (7 + hours) - $800 / day. 


Depending, treatment can be as low as $150 to over $1000. Full photographic and written documentation of treatments will be provided to the client when objects are returned. All treatments are performed in accordance with and guided by the American Institute for Conservation's (AIC) Code of Ethics

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Works on Paper




Paintings on Paper



Asian Scrolls & Screens

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